Monday, November 3, 2008

Poetry Session #2

Just a little something to keep you going while you're waiting in (what will surely be) those long lines at your local election centers. VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!


They say change is coming
From night almost gone
Towards the breaking of dawn
The people keep running

At the end of that dark night
We stopped following the blind
Turned around only to find
Our own Dark Knight

With a voice of Unity
Now man to man
We dare to stand
An organized community

Chanting, Yes We Can!
To the immovable all day
To the impossible, we say

That’s why, win or lose
This moment is frozen
Not for the right to be chosen
But for the right to choose

And this is our choice
Hope is not strange
We are our change
And he is our voice

Speaking true and clear
Though we don’t stop running
Our change is not coming
Our change is here

This is promise fulfilled
Our nation’s restitution
With a more perfect union
Through hope that we willed

And though we’re not done
We are not humming
That change is coming
Because change has come



Anonymous said...

Voted in the suburbs. Got in and out in 15 minutes. People in the city weren't so lucky. :(

But we got news: Yes We DID!

'till next time.

Mr. Noface said...

Yes we did!!!