Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Waiting For The Other Shoe To Drop...Or Be Thrown!

An Iraqi journalist (or from President Bush's point of view, some random Arab) threw not one but two shoes at him. Thankfully, our president was able to duck them both. LOL! I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried. When I saw it for the first time on CNN, my jaw hit the floor. I was shocked not because the journalist threw two shoes at our Commander in Chief (an extreme show of disrespect in Arab culture, or any culture for that matter), but because I didn't know that Bush was able to bob and weave like he did. Hey it could of been worse...given the turmoil that the now detained journalist's country had to endure because of "The Decider's" decision to invade a sovereign nation without provocation, our current POTUS is lucky that he had to only dodge footwear and not a bullet (yah, what the hell was the secret service doing anyway?!?). Enjoy!

*Disclaimer* although I find the video hilarious, I do not condone the actions of this journalist nor do I support anything being thrown at a head of state (even if it is G.W. Bush).

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


So, Barrack Obama chose Hilary Clinton as his Secretary of State. This is not surprising to me (not the actual choice of S.O.S, but the fact that Hilary would become a key part of the new Obama administration) and I am not overjoyed or outraged by this pick. Hilary is a sound choice for Secretary of State. There are some out there who may disagree with this (especially out there in the blogosphere). Some point to her vote for the war in Iraq. Still others still have the 3am phone call ad fresh in their memories. Of course there was also her constant hammering of the point that Obama was inexperienced (especially when it came to foreign policy). Those may be valid arguments against Obama choosing Hilary for the position, but no one can say that she is not qualified for the job or that Obama will be president and therefore her boss (and the final decision maker). We should not blind ourselves by our dislike for a person and ignore that person’s qualifications for the job. Are there better people out there for the job? Some can be argue that there are, but by that same logic some can argue that there are better people out there for the job of POTUS. My point is that our next president has decided that Hilary was the best fit for that position in his administration (just like we decided that he was the best fit for the position of POTUS).

Now I don’t know about anyone else, but one of the factors that led me to vote for Obama was his judgment and informed decisions. I am well aware of how much of a fool Hilary was acting during the primaries, but if Obama can let bygones be bygones then so can I. The man has not given me a reason to doubt his judgment before so I will not do so now ( I’m not saying that I’ve partaken in the kool-aid, just that I will wait and see how his choices pan out, before I make declarative statements). I’m sure there will be mistakes and missteps in the future, but I sincerely don’t believe that this is one of them.


* Photo courtesy of the AP

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


The election is over and the results are in. America has stepped into a new day. We have turned the page--scratch that-- we have closed the book on eight years of bad policy (both foreign and domestic). BARRACK OBAMA is the 44th President of the United States. Change has indeed come. For the past two years many have shouted “Yes We Can!” and yes we did. I’m sure many of you have already started celebrating (indeed some of you have been acting a fool ever since last night), but before you break out the alcohol and call in sick for work, remember this: IT IS NOT OVER!

Obama had a spot on resume, he aced the interview, and he got the job. For that we can all (all of us…not just black folks) be proud and indeed a little emotional during this pivotal moment in history. However, I must reiterate the point that I made above: IT IS NOT OVER! In my mind, employment is made up of three phases which are the following:

- Getting the Job
- Doing the Job Well
- Leaving the Job

America has finally allowed a black man to accomplish the first phase in regards to leading this nation (and by default the free world). We are now on to the second phase. Barrack Obama now has to do the job that we elected him to do. He not only has to do the job, but he has to do the job well. In fact he has to do the job better than all of the Presidents (who were of course white) who have preceded him in recent memory (for me that would go all the way back to Regan, maybe Carter for some of you, maybe further back for others of you). It is on him (unfairly perhaps) to prove to Mainstream America, that choosing a leader, who happens to be black, was not a disastrous experiment but the right choice all along.

He is still being watched. People are stilling waiting for him to mess up so that they can say “I told you so…”! And given the state this country is in right now, Obama has precious little time to enjoy the fruits of a hard fought and won presidential campaign. He has to hit the ground running (and in a sense he is still running).

We have not arrived. IT IS NOT OVER! This is not the Promised Land. We are only at the River Jordan and it just now parted so that we may walk on dry ground. If you think about it, you will know that it’s true. The views of White America have not changed last night (indeed a large portion of White America feels like they are taking a giant leap of faith). Obama has to show them that we will land safely on the other side, thankful that we were willing to take the chance. Obama is now the Jackie Robinson of Politics.

Consider this: if Jackie Robinson was not the cool character that he was in the face of such extreme racial pressure (from both sides really), would baseball (the rest of professional team sports for that matter) be what it is today in terms of diversity? I think not. So you see, the milestone in integrating professional sports did not occur when Robinson was chosen to play for the Dodgers. It occurred when Robinson proved to the fearful naysayers not only that he was as good as if not better than the white players, but he had the temperament to remain professional in the midst of unprofessional behavior. He was clearly a black baseball player, but he had to comport himself as just a baseball player. Robinson kept his cool and as a result many other talented black athletes were given a shot in mainstream professional team sports.

The same challenge faces Obama. Once he get’s sworn in, he will be the first black president (sit down Bill, you were just a place holder in that respect) and no one will be able to take that away from him. What Obama (and the rest of the forward looking nation for that matter) have to make sure of, is that he is not the last Non-White Man to be elected president. He has to be the type of president that makes the rest of America wonder “Hmmm…Why didn’t we do this sooner?” The hopes of little girls and boys of every race and ethnicity rest on the relative success of an Obama Administration. If he were to somehow fail in this, the naysayers would be quick to point to his presidency as evidence against breaking with the norm (The Old White Man) in choosing our leaders. So, although Obama would clearly be a black president, he must comport himself as just a president (with competence, integrity, and humility). Forget all the old black jokes about, smoking weed in the Oval Office, painting the White House black, candy painting Air Force One, and other ignorant things we used to say laugh away the pain the resulted from acknowledging what was once an impossibility. This is a new day and Obama has to continue to transcend race in his leadership of America (essentially riding that elephant right out of the room) just as he did in running for the office.

This has indeed been a long, long time coming. A moment over 400 years in the making has finally arrived, but we have not…IT’S NOT OVER! Although historical and tremendously important, this moment is not the end of a long journey.

People like Douglas reminded us that we do not belong in the field. People like Tubman led the trek to the Big House. People like Parks, knocked on the door fully expecting to be let in. People like King and X (Shabazz for the enlightened), got their foot in the door. People like Jackson and Sharpton (yes even they were able to have a positive affect on progress no matter how self-serving their motives may have been) were able to squeeze through the narrow opening. It is now up to people like Obama and Us, who are now inside the Big House, to put that house in order. This is so that people like our children and our children’s children can enjoy the warmth inside, for generations to come.

History has indeed been achieved today, but we will only be able to appreciate whether the lasting affect of this moment has on the future will be positive or negative, four (or hopefully eight years) from now. Is Obama up to the task? I think so (if I didn’t think he was, I would not have voted for him) and by extension I believe that we are up to the task. So now that we got the job, it’s time to get to work, because IT IS NOT OVER!

*Photo curtesy of CNN.com and the AP

Monday, November 3, 2008

Poetry Session #2

Just a little something to keep you going while you're waiting in (what will surely be) those long lines at your local election centers. VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!


They say change is coming
From night almost gone
Towards the breaking of dawn
The people keep running

At the end of that dark night
We stopped following the blind
Turned around only to find
Our own Dark Knight

With a voice of Unity
Now man to man
We dare to stand
An organized community

Chanting, Yes We Can!
To the immovable all day
To the impossible, we say

That’s why, win or lose
This moment is frozen
Not for the right to be chosen
But for the right to choose

And this is our choice
Hope is not strange
We are our change
And he is our voice

Speaking true and clear
Though we don’t stop running
Our change is not coming
Our change is here

This is promise fulfilled
Our nation’s restitution
With a more perfect union
Through hope that we willed

And though we’re not done
We are not humming
That change is coming
Because change has come


Sunday, November 2, 2008

I Had A Nightmare Last Night!

Oh man, you won't believe the nightmare I had last night! It seemed so real...

Thank goodness that it was only a dream. Let it serve as a warning though, to you guys out there in blog land. GET OUT THERE AND VOTE! Don't be THAT Guy (or gal).


Monday, October 27, 2008

Don't Tell Me You Didn't Hear That!

Here's the video of Sarah Palin failing to repudiate, reprimand, correct...hell...failing to lead, after one of her supporters yells out a clear racial slur during a speech at one of her rallies.

Was it just that she wasn't able to hear the supporter yelling "He's a Nigger!" or did she purposely do nothing to address that supporter's hatred born of ignorance? I have my own opinion about this matter, but I'll let you decide for yourselves.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Happy Days Of The Andy Grifith Show!

Having watched old reruns of both Happy Days and the Andy Grifith Show as a child, this little vid put a smile on my face...

See more Ron Howard videos at Funny or Die

Ron Howard, Andy Grifith, and Henry Winkler for change. Awesome!!


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What America Means to Me!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. That is so true! In my opinion, this picture says it all...

This is what America means to me. No, not dead soldiers, but a country worthy of loving (even if it means confronting) and dying for no matter what your religion, political ideology, race, gender, or sexual orientation is.

Rest In Peace CPL. Kareem Rashad Sultan Kahn.


*Picture Courtesy of Platon at Newyorker.com

Personal Politics vs. Party Politics

General Colin Powell announced his endorsement for Senator Barrack Obama and gave very clear and articulate reasons for doing so. I'm not impressed with that. I don't think someone should be viewed as a heroic figure or villainous despot, just because of who they plan to vote for. I'm not going to knock a guy/gal that feels that McCain is the best man for the job (being president that is), so long as that person has clear rational reasons (for himself/herself not anyone else) for taking that position.

No, no...Powell gets two thumbs way up for asking himself and by extension the rest of the Republican Party some very tough questions. One of the most important (in my mind) being, "Where we going with this...?" (I am paraphrasing of course). He was essentially calling into question how this new or "neo" Republican Party was defining what and where the real America was and who real Americans were.

He is correct in stating that the right answer to the Charge that Obama is a Muslim is "No he isn't...he is a Christian". He is even more correct in stating that the better answer to that question is so what (paraphrasing again). He goes on to remind us that there are other religions in this great country of ours and the people that practice those religions have lived in, fought for, and died for America.

So am I praising Powell for speaking up about his concerns about the divisive tone that the McCain campaign has adopted? Yeah, I guess, but the bulk of my praise for Powell goes to the fact that he was willing to examine his views and how they were being represented (or not) by his party and the campaign of his close friend. That to me is very important, the fact that he's not voting out of loyalty or a desire to see his party in power but based on his wish for America to be a better more united place. That is an example; I believe we should all follow. Who is the one who is going to turn my America and your America into OUR AMERICA! I’m not saying that everyone will come to the same conclusion that Powell did but at least they will have made the effort to take a critical look at themselves and the party or person there are supporting/opposing, making up their own minds and not have it made up for them.

I feel the fact that Powell is a Black Republican makes his endorsement more poignant. I had almost lost all faith in my conservative brothers and sisters (those who are indeed brothas and sistahs), because it appeared to me that no matter how rotten the McCain/Palin campaign got, they turned a blind eye and held their collective breath while showing their support and solidarity with the ticket. Let me just say, I don’t care if some one is a conservative, liberal, moderate, or whatever. There are gems (along with turds) in many of the different political ideologies. When a person puts party loyalty and partisan talking points over their own moral compass, well…I just can’t take what they have to say seriously. This is why the look into Powell’s thought process was like a breath of fresh air to me, because it reminded me that not all Black Republicans were going the way of the “Slave Catcher” as the Field Negro likes to call them.

Powell’s endorsement and the endorsement of other prominent conservatives for Senator Obama, gives me hope in the belief that we as Americans can disagree on a lot of things but we can be united in the knowledge that we are all Americans, we all love our country, and we all want America to prosper and succeed as a world leader. Perhaps we are finally witnessing the first rays of dawn after a long, long night (eight years long to be exact).

Of course Mr. Limbaugh had to give his two cents worth, which with the current rate of inflation, really equals nothing…


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sarah Palin...Meet Sarah Palin!

Sarah Palin was on SNL again last night (twice) in the form of Tina Few and some female governor from Alaska that must of won a contest or something. As always Fey was spot on, as for the governor though, she needs to work on her impression a little more...LOL

...also on the show was Palin's new rap song performed by...Amy Poehler??? What the Fudge? Is the McCain Campaign so frightened of a screw up that it won't even let Palin perform a simple rap song?!? PFFFFT! FAIL!

All in all it was an ok show!


Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Final Presidential Debate!

First off, let me just say that I am so glad that there will be no more debates this election season. I mean, I love politics just as much as the next nerd, but this has been a long and tiring two years and frankly I look forward to this being over with.

Now on to the debate...

It looks like (from my first impression and later the instant polls on all the major news channels) that McCain is 0-3 in terms of these debates. That is a shame too, because this was McCain's best debate performance yet. It appears that no matter how good McCain does, Obama appears to much better. Why is that? Well, here's my theory.

It all comes down to temperament (Obama called way back in Denver). McCain has managed to prove Obama's point in regards to the qualities of leadership, throughout this general election. Its not about experience, it’s about judgment. Its not about patriotism, it’s about temperament.

When it comes to the type of leadership qualities that I look want in a president I look for the following:

1. Wisdom
2. Integrity
3. Competence
4. Intelligence (including intellectual curiosity)
5. Stability
6. Charisma
7. Compassion
8. Conviction

Those are the major virtues of leadership in order of importance (to me). So far I have only seen number seven from John McCain (especially during the debate). During this final debate, it appeared to me that McCain really believed what he was saying (whether accurate or not) and became increasingly unsettled when he sensed that he was not connecting with...well...anyone but those in his base. This is when things went downhill for McCain (and when he transformed into McGrumps again).

The more unsettled McCain became the more snarky, sarcastic, and visibly upset he became. In a televised debate delivery is just as important as message, and McCain's delivery was horrible (meaning that his message suffered as a result). That's how we got the jokes that only McCain himself laughed at, Health in quotation marks, McCain informing Joe the Plumber that he's rich now (among a lot of other unnecessary references to Joe), the constant blinking, and the barely contained rage.

Meanwhile Obama remained as cool as glass of ice water in the summer time, which only made McGrumps seem McGrumpier. In the end calm and steady won the race again.

On a side note, I have to give props to the moderator for keeping the debate moving and hitting the candidates with follow up questions.


*Picture Courtesy of CNN.com

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Barrack Is Not An Arab!

I’m glad to see that after a week of letting his supporters stew in their own ignorance and hatred, John Sidney McCain has finally grabbed the mic and said “Enough!” (not that exact word of course, but you get the picture). This week, we saw how ugly politics can get and how alive and well racism is in America. It all started with Joe Six-pack’s number one boo Sarah “Pit-bull with Lipstick” Palin (of course). Ms. Wasila ’84, began attacking Barry with the old guilt by association route. She said that he was paling around with terrorist (a reference to his limited relationship with former domestic terrorist William Ayers). After that little bombshell (for any one living under a rock for the past nine months) we saw the middle name Hussein make reappearance (a middle name meant to be as derogatory as the middle finger). While these dots were being placed to be connected (and connected they were) we saw McCain/Palin “rallies” become increasingly angry and not in the “We want change now!” kind of way. The anger had more of a “Lynch that nigger” tone to it. Indeed McCain supporters would frequently yell epitaphs, verbally assault minority members of the press, and one actually called for the assignation of good old Barry (O_o has silly season become crazy season).

This recent turn of events has everyone worried about what the footlocker McCain is doing with his campaign. Conservatives are worried that this will backfire at a time when the country wants solutions and not racism veiled in code words and catch phrases. Liberals know that this will backfire, but are worried that the crazies have come out of hiding and history will be stopped with a bullet. The rest of us just watch in awe as a campaign implodes.

But as I said before, McCain (either because of his conscience or the polls) has decided to put an end to the foolishness and set the record straight….

I’m not even angry at the old lady that thought that Obama was an Arab (as if that is the equivalent of being a Nazi or something). I find myself filled more with pity than anything else. Her ignorance has brought her nothing but fear (you can hear how terrified she is of an Obama presidency, by the tremor in her voice) and she is representative of a lot of people out there who do not know the truth about Barry (and may not want to know the truth simply because he’s black). I feel sorry for her because if my view of the future is correct and Barry does become the 44th president of the United States, she will by choice be part of what had to be overcome instead of a member of this New America that we idealists fervently believe can come to pass. She will forever be seen as the problem (thanks to YouTube) and not a part of the solution.

Now McCain could have let this elderly woman continue to wallow in her ignorance and bask in the adulation of bigots, but he instead suffered a fit of integrity and leadership and let the people at his rally know what the deal really was and how his campaign was going to be handled from that point on (we can only hope). At that moment, McCain looked more like the old maverick of 2000 instead of the “IwannabepresidentBushcopy‘08” candidate that we have seen recently. Good for you John!


It seems like Governor Palin did abuse her authority in the firing of Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan (the Trooper-gate Scandal)…hmmm….seems like next week will be as exciting as last week was.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

McGrumps Strikes Again!

I just saw the second presidential debate and substantively I'm not sure who won, because by and large both candidates repeated old stump speeches and the entire debate was pretty boring (at least for this observer). I'm sorry but I was pretty disinterested about twenty minutes into the debate so I really stopped paying attention to what the candidates were saying. Sorry! I learned from my friends, all of those elitist pundits from the “liberal mainstream media”, and quick polls from undecided voters, that Obama won the debate by a wide margin. So that’s that I guess.

I’ll tell you what really got my attention, though. Ok, so McCain is explaining some kind of bill that was bad in someway, and he was explaining that his name would not be found anywhere on the bill. He then goes on to say “…You know who did vote for the bill…*while pointing to Obama* that one!” When I heard that I was stunned at how stupid McCain has become in terms of effective debating. In the first debate he refuses to acknowledge Obama’s presence and in this one he calls him “That One” which The Field Negro says reminds him of the term “Those People”.

…JOHN MCCAIN…Keeping it classy since 2006! PFFFFT!!


*Photo Courtesy of Politico.com

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Tina Fey Does It Again!

I like how SNL has been able to tackle all of the subtleties of the presidential election and of course Tina Fey knocks it out of the park once again. When I saw the real debate on Thursday and witnessed Palin playing that "I'm a folksy hockey mom" crap a little too much, I wondered if secretly deep down inside her heart of hearts, she likes being made fun of by Fey.

Jason Sudakis and Queen Latifa were great as Biden and Ifil respectively. They were spot on in their portrayals of Biden and Ifil as being severely restrained from calling Palin's B.S, as to not appear as bullies and biased.

I'm sure going to miss Palin when McCain looses in November, if only because it means no more great skits from Tina Fey.


Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Juice Gets Squeezed!!!

They got him folks. After 13 years they finally got The Juice. I must say that I am not too surprised (although the circumstances of this case were pretty fishy) and I am not ashamed to say that I am not sorry for Orenthal James. In my opinion, no matter what his level culpability in this current case was, to many people this was a second chance to do what couldn't be done the last time Orenthal James was facing the possibility of jail time, put him under the jail. Orenthal James, being the S-M-R-T guy that he is, gave them that opportunity (with the “If I Did It” book and this one would be tempted to think that the Juice wanted to go to jail). I know that many people are unaware of the specifics of the current trial and I am here to tell you that the specifics do not matter. When I heard that Orenthal James was going to be charged with conspiracy, armed robbery, and kidnapping, I knew that he would be found guilty no matter how flimsy the charges were (and no matter how questionable the witnesses for the prosecution were). The simple fact is that Orenthal James got away with the unforgivable crime (YES I BELIEVE HE DID IT) of killing members of the white race, was enough to convince me that no matter how "not guilty" Orenthal James was this time he would not be able to escape the hammer. Think about it, this dude got away with doing something that others of his particular skin color were put to death for, whether they were guilty or innocent (more often than not they were innocent). Of course as I predicted, Orenthal James was found guilty of all charges against him and if he is not sentenced to life with out the possibility of parole, I will be very surprised.

For all of you people of color out there who are making big moves and doing big things, let this be a reminder to you that this is still "the white man's" America. You can only spit in his face for so long before he uses every weapon in his arsenal to put you down. I know you were beginning to think that no matter what color your skin is as long as your money is green you can buy a get out of jail free card (yes I am aware of the irony) as many times as you want. I'm sure that the Combs, Jackson, and Kelly trials reaffirmed that notion. I assure you though, that folks are just itching for another crack at those fellas (Jackson and Kelly especially), so if they are too arrogant to count their blessings and stay out of trouble (or stay away from the kids) they could find themselves in Orenthal James's shoes.

This of course is mostly the fault of Orenthal James. He had to have known that white people don't like him. He had to have known that he was on thin ice for 13 years. He had to have known that if he were caught up in something that even seemed similar to a crime that he would be destroyed. He KNEW that the justice system is not as fair as many would like to believe it is (I mean his last criminal trial proved that). Yet he put his "nigger on" and decided to show everyone whose boss and get his stuff back with his boys. Well he found out whose boss....THE WHITE MAN.

My advice to Orenthal James now is the advice I give to all of those who are about to do hard time…Don’t Drop the Soap. To all my upwardly mobile People of Color out there, get your paper, live the American Dream, and use some God given common sense to avoid the traps set up by a system that clearly was not meant to protect or benefit anyone who is not the white man.


Thursday, October 2, 2008

The VEEP Debate

I just finished watching the debate and ummm....WTF Palin? I mean really, folksy works on the stump (let's be real it draws the crowd), but in a debate it just makes you look Bushish (I just made that up). Now, maybe that would have worked 4 years ago (indeed evidence suggests that it did) but in these times that ain't gonna fly. I don't understand how she can just ramble on and not even come close to answering most of the questions that were asked of her. I really hope that buzz words like "Alaska" "Darn Right" "Hockey Mom" and "Maverick" did not bamboozle the millions of people that watched this debate. If anyone can tell me what exactly she was saying, I will give that person a chocolate chip cookie with a glass of milk.

Now, Biden was not Perfect but he did a hell of a lot better than I thought he would and it seemed to me the he dominated the debate in talking points and in presence. This of course is just my opinion and I'm sure that others would beg to differ.

Now all there is to do is wait for the late night comedians and those knuckleheads from YouTube to tell us what really happened in the debate.


*Photo Courtesy of CNN.com

Monday, September 29, 2008

Thursday, September 25, 2008

America First...NOT!!

John McCain announced that he was going to suspend his campaign, because of the economic crisis that this nation is facing. I'll say it again; McCain is suspending his campaign because there is an economic crisis that has been going on for quite some time now!! Do you know what all this really means? It means that McCain will be unavailable to join Obama at the debate on Friday, because he is "putting America first". Do you know what that really means? It means that the excrement has hit the fan for the McCain campaign, and they are using their last timeout.

McCain is not in any particular position to really do anything productive in Washington right now as far as the economic crisis is concerned. Let's call a spade a spade, this is a political ploy and though in times past this might have worked, I don't think that this is going to go well with the American People (I have been surprised by my fellow Americans before though). We shall see folks...we shall see!

But you know who really suffers? That's Right, David Letterman and one thing you must know about Letterman...he doesn't like to suffer alone....

In other news, Palin gets owned again in another interview. This time Katie Couric is the one to hand Hockey Mom Barbie's arse to her. So that makes her 0-2 as far as interviews go (the interview with Hannity clearly does not count because Fox News is as legitimate a news source as the Daily Show, only a lot less funny).

Observe the ownage...

"I'll try to find you some and I'll bring 'em to ya." She actually said that! WOW!


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I Don't Care How Big of a Star You Are...NO...IT IS NOT OK!!

I am very upset with this dude right here! This dude, born Robert Kelly, but likes to run around calling himself the Pied Piper (Freudian slip?), is…is…I don’t know man. I guess I should be clear where I stand on this whole “him having relations with under aged girls” issue. It is my humble opinion that Mr. Kelly has a serious problem and that he needs to find help. Everyone knows what’s really up with this guy, despite his many denials. The dude is a severely flawed individual. I mean the video below says it all…

"...What do you mean by teenage girls?" Waitwhu'?? What do you mean by teenage girls!!?? Is this dude f'real??? It was at that point in the interview that I became really angry (which is uncharacteristic for me). But, even then when Mr. Kelly said, "Don't listen to the people who have been fired...don't even listen to the people that were hired..." I had to chuckle a little bit at the shear ridiculousness of that statement.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Poetry Session #1

During one of my routine treks through the viral infested jungles of YouTube, I came across this gem of Spoken Word, spoken and heard (you like that don't you!?) from and "urban" teen to other "urban" teens, respectively.

I must say that I was profoundly impressed and inspired to sit down and spill out a little of my self to be critiqued by...no one (seeing that I don't have any subscribers yet).


I say I’m black because of my state of mind
A state of paranoia that makes me stay with kind (mine)
You always say you’re blind, to color
Every time I hear that line, I say, “Oh brother…this mutha--“
You see, I see color, texture and tone with twenty-twenty
In my sight is the white of the lint within pockets empty
I see green on the leaves and in the weaves of money
Which don’t grow on trees, indeed it seems funny
Still I need money to make my world go round
But the world sees only black and white, and I’m brown
See that’s my color and there are others like pink, peach and tan
Like the highest yellow to a hue that seems the darkest blue (damn)
Man, when it comes to skin tone it’s well known that from dark to light
Shades of brown can be found, but there is no black or white
Because white, is the absence of and black, the fullness of
And understand that the race of man can claim none of the above
So where’s the love, which covers a multitude of sins?
Please excuse, but screw the few, when is the multitude gonna win?
Look at my skin, then look within and see the Negro in me
The brother in he and the sister in she, African-American are we (?)
If you look clearly enough and deep enough, I think you’ll find
Black is not a color, it’s a state of mind
Found in the cognitive bent of the Talented Tenth
And seething within the underachieving (?) ninety percent
That constant pressure that tells us we can’t measure up to the hype
So some fall back to what we call black, forever stereotyped
While others break the mold and take a hold of that promise
Saying, “Forget what you’re told and what you know, because I’m this!”
Their faith, education, determination, and wits are their entourage
That was with them from the stoop to the house with a two car garage
That brother whose mind is stronger than his swagger
With that black mentality so sharp, he can spit daggers
He’s not a braggart, because his success is his hype man
Demanding his rights by taking the fight to the “white” man,
He’s not the thuggish type, but black means he can take it to the streets
Yet the truth is he’s from the burbs so he tries to stay discreet
And keep his head down with feet pumping at an above average pace
But black is what puts him in his place, not the color of his face
Which, is such a waste of personality, talent and skills
Because white only sees him as a token space to fill
And he’s an Oreo to the around the way brothers, you know, the others
But damn, calm down brothers because that brown brother
Can’t act black, since black is not an act, it’s a state of mind
And the notion so untrue that one’s hue is black, is so unkind
It sets us all back, further than those shows with Flava Flave
Or being Bobby Brown, TV clowns representing how black behaves
Oh behave, that’s not black because black is beautiful and proud
We’re just dark and lovely, swift and slow, quiet and loud
Reaching as high as the clouds and beyond the stars
And in this life no matter where we go, we know exactly who we are
Near or far, search the earth, uncover every secret place
Inquire the face of the nations and examine every race
Especially in the United States, because in the end you’ll find
That Black is not a color, black is a state of mind

Wow! I haven't written poetry for so long that I have forgotten how fun it is to turn expressions, emotions, and thoughts into beautifully arranged words.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hi, My name is Noface and I'm a Politicaholic!

I swear that politics is like the new crack for a lot of people out there. This election season has brought out a level of excitement and passion that American Politics has not witnessed in...well...ever. For Democrats the future lies with Jesu--I mean Obama, while the Repubs are touting Tina Fey--I mean Sarah Palin, as the second coming of Hilary Clinton (George Bush is more like it). We're all out there looking for the next bit of positive news about our candidate while scouring YouTube and our favorite blogs for the new dirt on the other side's candidate. Folks who never even voted on American Idol are out there in the real world, on news sites, blogosphere, and other parts of the interwebs ( yes, I made that word up), are going around like fiends looking for their next political fix. People want to find out as much as they can. As an addict myself, I must say that this level of involvement is not necessarily a bad thing.

All you new junkies out there have to be careful though (take it from someone whose been on this stuff for at least 10 years), as with all addictive substances, you could overdose on politics. The results are not pretty, indeed they can be down right sad (P.U.M.A anyone?). "But Mr. Noface, how do I know when I've OD'd on Politics?" You don't smart guy! Addicts are never able to appreciate when they've had too much. Your friends however, will be able to tell if you've gotten too crazy with the Oddballs in the Situation Room while shooting up pure AC 360 (that's some potent stuff), by looking out for the following symptoms...

1) Irrational Hero Worship!
(As far the world knows, Obama can not heal the sick, give sight to the blind, make the lame walk, the dumb speak, or raise himself from the dead three days after being crucified)
(Hockey Moms are not the next stage in human evolution, hell if you are a hockey mom, you probably don't even believe in evolution)

2) Irrational Excuses Made In Light of Your Candidate's Shortcomings!
(A bunch of well written and delivered speeches will not add one iota of experience to Obama's resume)
(Mavericks do not tow the party line 90% of the time)
(If someone is running for President or VP, he or she had better know what the hell the Bush Doctrine is, so don't get mad at the interviewer just because he caught your girl slipping)

3) Feeling Like Someone on Your Side Got a Raw Deal So Voting for the Opposition is the Only Remedy!
(I'm sorry but that is retarded)

4) Talks of Succeeding From the Union Should the Other Side Win!
(C'mon, you didn't do it in 2000, you punked out in '04, and you're not going to do it this time either)

5) Talks of Leaving the Country Should the Other Side Win!
(see #4)

6) Claiming that Relating to the Candidates is More Important Than Issues!
(If you exhibit this symptom, you should be smacked)
(The President shouldn't be a Regular Joe like you or m--well, just you. He should be a cut above!)

7) Going to the Pushers at Fox News to Get a Hit of Their Inferior Product Just to Keep the Monkey Off Your Back!
(this right here, is rock bottom)

If you exhibit any one of or a combination of these symptoms, your friends should abduct you, send you off to a secluded place, cut you off from all forms of communication that could get you in contact with anything political, and keep constant watch over you as you sweat and convulse, while that politico-high leaves your system.

That being said enjoy these videos while you detox....