Saturday, October 11, 2008

Barrack Is Not An Arab!

I’m glad to see that after a week of letting his supporters stew in their own ignorance and hatred, John Sidney McCain has finally grabbed the mic and said “Enough!” (not that exact word of course, but you get the picture). This week, we saw how ugly politics can get and how alive and well racism is in America. It all started with Joe Six-pack’s number one boo Sarah “Pit-bull with Lipstick” Palin (of course). Ms. Wasila ’84, began attacking Barry with the old guilt by association route. She said that he was paling around with terrorist (a reference to his limited relationship with former domestic terrorist William Ayers). After that little bombshell (for any one living under a rock for the past nine months) we saw the middle name Hussein make reappearance (a middle name meant to be as derogatory as the middle finger). While these dots were being placed to be connected (and connected they were) we saw McCain/Palin “rallies” become increasingly angry and not in the “We want change now!” kind of way. The anger had more of a “Lynch that nigger” tone to it. Indeed McCain supporters would frequently yell epitaphs, verbally assault minority members of the press, and one actually called for the assignation of good old Barry (O_o has silly season become crazy season).

This recent turn of events has everyone worried about what the footlocker McCain is doing with his campaign. Conservatives are worried that this will backfire at a time when the country wants solutions and not racism veiled in code words and catch phrases. Liberals know that this will backfire, but are worried that the crazies have come out of hiding and history will be stopped with a bullet. The rest of us just watch in awe as a campaign implodes.

But as I said before, McCain (either because of his conscience or the polls) has decided to put an end to the foolishness and set the record straight….

I’m not even angry at the old lady that thought that Obama was an Arab (as if that is the equivalent of being a Nazi or something). I find myself filled more with pity than anything else. Her ignorance has brought her nothing but fear (you can hear how terrified she is of an Obama presidency, by the tremor in her voice) and she is representative of a lot of people out there who do not know the truth about Barry (and may not want to know the truth simply because he’s black). I feel sorry for her because if my view of the future is correct and Barry does become the 44th president of the United States, she will by choice be part of what had to be overcome instead of a member of this New America that we idealists fervently believe can come to pass. She will forever be seen as the problem (thanks to YouTube) and not a part of the solution.

Now McCain could have let this elderly woman continue to wallow in her ignorance and bask in the adulation of bigots, but he instead suffered a fit of integrity and leadership and let the people at his rally know what the deal really was and how his campaign was going to be handled from that point on (we can only hope). At that moment, McCain looked more like the old maverick of 2000 instead of the “IwannabepresidentBushcopy‘08” candidate that we have seen recently. Good for you John!


It seems like Governor Palin did abuse her authority in the firing of Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan (the Trooper-gate Scandal)…hmmm….seems like next week will be as exciting as last week was.



Anonymous said...

Yeah, my sister's friend's Obama 08 yard sign was stolen from her yard. There's a guy down the street from me with a Obama 08 yard sign with a big red (spray painted) X on it. Election day is gonna either be the best day of my life or the last day of my life.

'till next time...

Mr. Noface said...

Well, to quote Harvey Dent, "It's always darkest before the dawn! But, I promise you that the dawn is coming!"