Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Juice Gets Squeezed!!!

They got him folks. After 13 years they finally got The Juice. I must say that I am not too surprised (although the circumstances of this case were pretty fishy) and I am not ashamed to say that I am not sorry for Orenthal James. In my opinion, no matter what his level culpability in this current case was, to many people this was a second chance to do what couldn't be done the last time Orenthal James was facing the possibility of jail time, put him under the jail. Orenthal James, being the S-M-R-T guy that he is, gave them that opportunity (with the “If I Did It” book and this one would be tempted to think that the Juice wanted to go to jail). I know that many people are unaware of the specifics of the current trial and I am here to tell you that the specifics do not matter. When I heard that Orenthal James was going to be charged with conspiracy, armed robbery, and kidnapping, I knew that he would be found guilty no matter how flimsy the charges were (and no matter how questionable the witnesses for the prosecution were). The simple fact is that Orenthal James got away with the unforgivable crime (YES I BELIEVE HE DID IT) of killing members of the white race, was enough to convince me that no matter how "not guilty" Orenthal James was this time he would not be able to escape the hammer. Think about it, this dude got away with doing something that others of his particular skin color were put to death for, whether they were guilty or innocent (more often than not they were innocent). Of course as I predicted, Orenthal James was found guilty of all charges against him and if he is not sentenced to life with out the possibility of parole, I will be very surprised.

For all of you people of color out there who are making big moves and doing big things, let this be a reminder to you that this is still "the white man's" America. You can only spit in his face for so long before he uses every weapon in his arsenal to put you down. I know you were beginning to think that no matter what color your skin is as long as your money is green you can buy a get out of jail free card (yes I am aware of the irony) as many times as you want. I'm sure that the Combs, Jackson, and Kelly trials reaffirmed that notion. I assure you though, that folks are just itching for another crack at those fellas (Jackson and Kelly especially), so if they are too arrogant to count their blessings and stay out of trouble (or stay away from the kids) they could find themselves in Orenthal James's shoes.

This of course is mostly the fault of Orenthal James. He had to have known that white people don't like him. He had to have known that he was on thin ice for 13 years. He had to have known that if he were caught up in something that even seemed similar to a crime that he would be destroyed. He KNEW that the justice system is not as fair as many would like to believe it is (I mean his last criminal trial proved that). Yet he put his "nigger on" and decided to show everyone whose boss and get his stuff back with his boys. Well he found out whose boss....THE WHITE MAN.

My advice to Orenthal James now is the advice I give to all of those who are about to do hard time…Don’t Drop the Soap. To all my upwardly mobile People of Color out there, get your paper, live the American Dream, and use some God given common sense to avoid the traps set up by a system that clearly was not meant to protect or benefit anyone who is not the white man.


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