Wednesday, October 8, 2008

McGrumps Strikes Again!

I just saw the second presidential debate and substantively I'm not sure who won, because by and large both candidates repeated old stump speeches and the entire debate was pretty boring (at least for this observer). I'm sorry but I was pretty disinterested about twenty minutes into the debate so I really stopped paying attention to what the candidates were saying. Sorry! I learned from my friends, all of those elitist pundits from the “liberal mainstream media”, and quick polls from undecided voters, that Obama won the debate by a wide margin. So that’s that I guess.

I’ll tell you what really got my attention, though. Ok, so McCain is explaining some kind of bill that was bad in someway, and he was explaining that his name would not be found anywhere on the bill. He then goes on to say “…You know who did vote for the bill…*while pointing to Obama* that one!” When I heard that I was stunned at how stupid McCain has become in terms of effective debating. In the first debate he refuses to acknowledge Obama’s presence and in this one he calls him “That One” which The Field Negro says reminds him of the term “Those People”.

…JOHN MCCAIN…Keeping it classy since 2006! PFFFFT!!


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