Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I Don't Care How Big of a Star You Are...NO...IT IS NOT OK!!

I am very upset with this dude right here! This dude, born Robert Kelly, but likes to run around calling himself the Pied Piper (Freudian slip?), is…is…I don’t know man. I guess I should be clear where I stand on this whole “him having relations with under aged girls” issue. It is my humble opinion that Mr. Kelly has a serious problem and that he needs to find help. Everyone knows what’s really up with this guy, despite his many denials. The dude is a severely flawed individual. I mean the video below says it all…

"...What do you mean by teenage girls?" Waitwhu'?? What do you mean by teenage girls!!?? Is this dude f'real??? It was at that point in the interview that I became really angry (which is uncharacteristic for me). But, even then when Mr. Kelly said, "Don't listen to the people who have been fired...don't even listen to the people that were hired..." I had to chuckle a little bit at the shear ridiculousness of that statement.


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