Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Iranian Dream Deferred: Looks Like It Exploded...

...And the fires it produced all over Iran (both politically and literally) will be difficult to put out for quite sometime.

Friday, June 19: Ayatollah Khamenei put his legitimacy on the line; by calling for an end to the wide spread protests in Iran, warning that failure to obey this order would result in dire consequences.

Saturday, June 20: The People of Iran called the "supreme" leader's bluff and the rest, as they say, is history (or soon will be). As I am typing this, the protests are still going on despite the government crackdown, the violence, and the deaths.

Things went the way of Tiananmen Square (as I new it would), but this is not the end. These protests (with all the violence involved) could be the seeds of a second Iranian Revolution 30 years after the first.

There are many images and videos being shared via social networking sites such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter (who says that it's just a stupid fad?!?), but one in particular that I want to leave with you is this...

*Disclaimer: This video is graphic and may be inappropriate for some viewers*

Her Name Was Neda (means "Voice" or "Call" in Farsi)!

She is quickly becoming to the movement in Iran, what Rosa Parks was for the Civil Right's Movement (perhaps it is even greater than that)! Her death is proof that all this unrest was never about the is about the people moving!

Rest In Peace Neda Agha-Soltan


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