Thursday, January 7, 2010


Is it bad that I agree with Mr. Beck on this particular issue? I don't think so. Like they say, "even a broken clock is right twice a day" and even a drug dependent right-of-center wing nut (or at least he plays one on TV) can come up with a lucid and logical thought, every once in a while.

No other Politically Correct term has privately irked me more than "African-American"!



uglyblackjohn said...

AA was created by well intentioned liberals who felt that "Black" was a pejorative term.
(And accepted by those Blacks who felt the same.)

Mr. Noface said...

Yes, but hasn't it lost it's usefulness(like five minutes after it became popular). It didn't even defeat the word that many felt was pejorative. I know that I the word "Black" to describe someone with African ancestry, more than I use AA (hell, I use "Negro" more than I use AA).

FreeMan said...

I always liked Black myself because I could care less. How about make the census what it really should be two boxes. White & Non-White!

See to me what Beck is missing is Whites just become white. Do they break them down to British American, Franco-American and German American. So if all the whites in this country who are NON-Hispanic are all lumped in together. Why is there a beef about all the Blacks combining their numbers too.

The Census is diluting the Black masses by breaking it out to 3 distinctions. Let's break down the white people too and see if their federal funds get broken down. As always the devil is crafty!

uglyblackjohn said...

@ FreeMan - Yep.

Mr. Noface said...

@ FreeMan


Kwame Newton said...

Using African-American and White together in the same context is really saying that to be white is to be American; if "they" use African-American, they should also use "European-American" for white, although I do not agree with either of these terms In all honesty, I think that using terms such as "of ____ racial origin" (insert European, Indian Subcontinent, etc.) would be a better and all-encompassing solution. Not every group would be categorized after a whole continent, though; it's more about the region (for example, an Afghan and Japanese would not be considered "of Asian racial origin", and an Afghan and Saudi would not be considered "of Middle Eastern racial origin").