Thursday, February 18, 2010

What Should Tiger Say?


That's what I would say. That's all that needs to be said (despite the righteous indignation of the masses). Young Eldric Woods owes us nothing but to offer us a piece of some awesome golf, every time he steps on the green. he's not Bill Clinton trying to save his political career, he's not Chris Brown trying to save his musical career, hell he's not even David Letterman trying to protect his television career. He's freaking Tiger Woods! He's still gonna win championships and people will still be buying his sh*t. That's how it is with sports stars (ask Kobe if you don't believe me).

In fact the whole press conference thing will really be a waste of lung power, when he should really just let his golf swing do the talking for him. The very idea that he owes any kind of apology or explanation to anyone besides his wife and kids, is ridiculous (and infuriating).


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