Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Restoring The White Dream!

It's a stupid question, but...ummm...where are all the black/brown/tan/yellow/red people? Ok, ok...how about an even dumber question? Where are all the smart people?

"OMG!" at the dude that was talking about how he knew how the "Indians" felt now, when asked about illegal immigration. That comment alone was worthy of a straight face followed by an extreme side eye followed by a double face palm. I can't with these people and it's too early in the week for me to have to.


P.S Here is a clip of Glenn Beck calling President Obama a racist...

Yeah...he went there!


Herneith said...

It looks like they raided the trailer parks for most of the participants in this event!

Mr. Noface said...

That's "real" Americans for you.