Monday, May 25, 2009

Have A Reflective Memorial Day!

This day is for all those who perform(ed) the role of an American Soldier. Those who give up something much more profound than just the security their lives, limbs, or sanity to work in a military capacity in service of this nation. That is to say that every soldier gives up who they once were in order to be better able to cope with working with each other under combat situations (those that are possibilities and those that are currently realities). To give that up and then to willing risk life and limb your country is epitome of bravery and service.

So for those veterans who served and serve in our military, those who were injured either/both physically and emotionally, those who gave their lives, and all who gave themselves for our country...I Remember (and will continue to do so)!



Anonymous said...

Did you pray at 3 pm yesterday like Pres. Obama requested? Honestly, I forgot. So I did it today.

'till next time...

Mr. Noface said...

I did actually. Well It was closer to 3:30pm than 3pm appointment set by the POTUS. Better late than never though, right?