Monday, May 31, 2010

All The Wrong Moves

I'm interested in seeing how the American media (specifically the big three cable news channels) will spin this story. So far there is very little coverage on the story coming from the US news organizations (Thank God for social media), but when they are finally forced to cover what happened on international waters, I wonder how the story will be framed. I must admit that I do not have any high hopes for any hard hitting journalism coming from the likes of Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN in regards to this situation (it's just not how the main stream news media works these days).

Israel has shown again and again, that it will do whatever it's going to do (right or wrong) despite (or perhaps because of) its friendship with the United States. For the longest time we have been complicit in these human rights abuses perpetrated by Israel. The same type of abuses that we would condemn had they been perpetrated by certain other countries in that region. I am well aware of America's special relationship with Israel, but that relationship should not give the government of that country carte blanche to engage in these types of activities. If we do or say nothing to our "best friend" we run the risk of (further?)losing credibility with the international community when comes to our charges of human rights abuses perpetrated by "rogue states". We can't keep picking and choosing which actions are justified and which are reprehensible based on the individuals (or states) engaging in them, because as with all things, our actions (or inaction) will come back upon us in humiliating and perhaps devastating ways.

It's time that we be a real friend to Israelis making it known to them and the world that they are in the wrong and they need to change course before the hole that they're digging gets to deep for them to get (or be pulled) out of.


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