Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Because there really are two Americas within these United States.
Because one of those Americas is really a third world country.
Because the citizens of third world America don't matter to those in first world America (it's doubtful that they truly ever did).
Because life is cheap in the hood and...well, life is just cheap in the hood.
Because "black" is truly the bottom rung in our society and if something bad happens to "black"...oh well.
Because the law is meant to protect the innocent in theory, but really ends up preying on (some of them) in practice.
Because the police officers were just doing their jobs (the description of which changes depending on the type of people being dealt with).
Because it appears that Reality TV drives people to do more and more outrageous things in order to "keep it real" (i.e entertaining).
Because even if an event is caught on tape, there is no guarantee that justice will be served.
Because WE are not outraged enough to do something drastic every time something like this happens.
Because justice has failed us because we have failed ourselves.
Because sometimes, life simply is not fair.

Rest in Peace Aiyana Jones


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Legal Pub said...

Seems like we need more consistency period.