Thursday, January 22, 2009


Take a look at this video from that ever present den of madness (no pun intended [you'll understand later]) YouTube...

After seeing that video, what was your first impression? Were you dismayed, appalled, disgusted, and/or entertained? Is this another example of black folks acting like niggers (something that we definitely do not need in this exciting yet perilous era of a new America)?

How did you feel about the young lady verbally abusing the elderly woman? Did she seem like your average hood rat acting a fool in public? Was she on drugs? Was she just another part of the criminal element terrorizing an honest law abiding citizen?

Well, before you make any further judgments on this matter, I would like for you to take a look at two other videos that are related to the one embedded above.

After seeing these two videos, have your opinions changed on the matter?

You see, I had already formulated the title of this very blog post ("Niggers in 'Post-Racial' America" if you were wondering) when I went on YouTube to search for other videos and comments in response to the first one posted above. That is when I ran across the two other videos that forced me to change my whole program and take a hard look at myself.

I was all ready to label the woman who according to her family suffers from a very real and very serious mental disorder, as a representative of every thing that is ghetto. She was even singing the Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em’s one (and hopefully only) hit “Crank Dat Soulja Boy”. It was perfect! She was the poster child of what was wrong with our urban (i.e. black) youth. I did not even consider that there may have been something deeper going on with this young woman (maybe I didn’t even want to). In my mind, the young lady was either A) Ignorant or B) on drugs, there was no option C.

Now knowing that this you lady may be suffering from Bipolar disorder, I had to rematch the first video with a new perspective and thus had to change the title of my blog in order to reflect a judgment of myself rather than a complete stranger.

To be honest, I’m glad that I was shown to be wrong and “ignorant” of what was really going before I had actually published this post. I’m really thankful that this video (oddly enough) gave me some incite on myself and how I am not above prejudging others (like everyone else), convinced that the qualities that I project on to them are the correct ones (whether I’m wrong or not).

I don’t know about you, but this Noface still needs a lot of work. Thus, I should refrain from judging others while I search out and deal with my own faults and shortcomings.



brohammas said...

Great post man.
Nothing like a little extra info to add perspective to what we see and think. Even deeper than what we as a society read int orace and issues, but even more about judgment and our own narrow views in general.
Thanks for posting this.

Untouched Jewel said...

I'm glad you showed the videos where her family spoke out about what was really going on with her. I can just about guarantee that if her family had not said anything about her having bipolar disease, the media would have projected this girl as being mentally unstable or on drugs or something. And what's sad about it all, is the fact that the world got to see her at her worst, and immediately rushed to judgment of how she was acting and more than likely thought that all black people act like that: HOSTILE AND CRAZY. But you did a good job posting this and seeing it from both sides, instead of just one like the rest of everybody else.

uglyblackjohn said...

Actually, this DOES show what is wrong with the ghetto.
Mental illness is more common in a ghetto environment due to;
pollution, poor diet, stress, genetics and a host of other issues.
The ghetto might actually be causing some to act this way.
(I'll try to find a link to the results of the latest conference concerning this)
But as far as those who choose to emulate the same without reason - keep the original title for your post for them.

Jack Stephens said...

Great post, way to keep it real man. I remember when this shit came out being appalled by the comments on YouTube and people's reactions, she obviously had/has a mental illness. Great post.

Anonymous said...

This video has been up for a while *the brother* and I'm just seeing it now for the first time. It's very sad because within the African american community, mental illness is extremely taboo...its rare to hear people openly speak about bipolar, depression, etc to the extent in which other cultures seem to...we really need to rally together on this issue, I'm sure there are many more of us suffering in silence.

Satya said...

The other videos did provide prospective and did make me feel something other than disgust toward the young lady.

I have seen real life scenes like this on the NYC subway. When I was in high school I used to see kids behave in such a way on the trains. Everyone that behaves in this manner does not have biopolar disorder. I think this video shows the lack of respect young people have for adults and the elderly. I've been around biopolar folks (adults) (one on the regular) and i've seen them "spaz out" but never on an elderly person. I've seen them go off on a significant other, sibling, friend etc... but never a random elderly person.

I see this type of behavior almost daily. I told a student "I want great things for you in life, and in order for you to achieve greatness you need education". This 16 year old child looked me right in my eyes and said "I don't give a f*ck what you want for me".

I understand this young lady has biopolar disorder and hope she does get the help she needs. But, this video also shows the lack of respect for the elderly.