Monday, January 19, 2009

Poetry Session #3

View From The Mountain Top

We stand as a witness, man in all shades of American
Coming both male and female with belief that we can
Overcome and indeed overrun the dysfunction of the old ways
That sought to deny the causes of freedom rides in the old days
That corrupted the ballot when it could not use the bullet
When change came from the courthouse and the pulpit
When our lightning rods were struck and a movement got stuck
A social conscience deadening and threatening to self destruct
Turmoil that seems ages ago, but all true sages should know
That the story is not finished for we still have pages to go
This has been a long time coming, but it is here now
I will not say that we have arrived, but we’re near now
Closer than ever before because never before have we seen
A clearer representation of the incarnation of a King’s dream
A dream too long deferred but at this moment much preferred
Over a nightmare with but a single flare of hope, burning undeterred
Seen from the mountain top by a prophet and revolutionary King
As bells in the valley of the Promised Land sound with freedom’s ring
It’s a view from the mountain top that we can all now see
The visible truths infused with the palpable power of “we”
Swirling around Uncle Sam’s first black son
A view from the mountain top of a people as one



uglyblackjohn said...

You write poetry?


Mr. Noface said...

Yeah, I dabble a little bit.

Eb the Celeb said...

Nice Piece